The Band

What started as a solo bedroom project for J. Keebler, born John Isolda, amidst the 2020 pandemic, now goes as a 4 piece American Indie/Alternative band based out of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Forming in 2021 consisting of Taj Bridygham (Bass), Ace Hendrix (Drums), Sawyer Holdorff (Guitar), and J. Keebler (Guitar & Vocals).

All meeting while working at gigs through a local music venue years prior, they decided to bring Keebler’s previously released singles to life together on stage. Their unique sound fuses melodic chorus-driven guitars and punchy yet funky bass riffs, carried by dynamically huge drums. On top is a small taste of the bedroom pop flavor Keebler was looking for in the vocal department. They have recently debuted their first set of songs together and have plans to continue writing together in the foreseeable future of Good Stuff.

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